What can I expect from Individual Therapy?

At your first session I will ask you several questions including:

1) If therapy is helpful what will be different?

2) What are your goals of working on yourself? What do you want to accomplish in therapy?

3) What are some of the things you do well? Your strengths?

4) When the volume is turned up too high or low on these strengths what does that look like? 

We will come up with a plan together to work toward your goals. Each time we meet you will be given homework to accomplish these goals and the session will be summarized in a hard copy for you. Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. 

What kind of Treatment Orientation do you use?

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which places a focus on perceptions and thoughts and works to increase your awareness of these thinking distortions to change behavior and eventually your feelings.



What is a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)?

Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) are professionals that have taken the SAP Exam and passed and complete the required continuing education every 3 years. SAP's have knowledge not only of the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and controlled substances related disorders, but also of DOT drug and alcohol testing and return-to-duty processes as required by §40.281. A DOT-qualified SAP initially evaluates employees who have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare. Once the education and/or treatment is successfully completed, the SAP reassesses the employee and, if satisfied with the driver’s compliance, completes a SAP report and prescribes a series of follow-up tests covering a period of one to five years as well as follow up recommendations. Any company employing this DOT Mandated employee during the prescribed period must complete the follow-up testing as specified by the SAP. 

What happens in the SAP Process for a DOT Mandated Employee?

1) The employee will come in for an initial evaluation . At that time a comprehensive assessment is completed reviewing information about the employees past and present circumstances including a drug and alcohol screening tool.

2) The SAP will make a recommendation considering the DOT mandated guidelines.  All employees are required to have some recommendation. These recommendations can include online drug and alcohol education, 12-step meetings, 8, 12 or 26-week educational treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), PHP and Inpatient Treatment. The recommendation will reflect the circumstances of your situation. 

3) Once you have completed the recommendation that the SAP stipulates,  you will come back in for a reevaluation. If you have completed the initial requirements,  the SAP will outline your recommendation to return to safety sensitive duty including any additional requirements and a testing schedule. 

What if I am not a DOT Mandated Employee but still failed a drug or alcohol test, had a refusal to test, or need a SAP assessment for another reasons?

The requirements are based on company policy to determine what the employee is required to do.  I can complete a SAP assessment that will satisfy your company requirement.

What if I feel the result of the test is inaccurate?

If you feel the result is false, you need to follow DOT Guidelines on how to contest a result. The role of a SAP is to complete the substance abuse assessment, not determine if the test is valid. I can complete a SAP assessment when you are ready to move forward.

FMCSA Clearinghouse Information: 

The driver must register with the Clearing House:

The driver must then designate a SAP through the Clearinghouse database.  The SAP will accept this request and once the assessment is complete enter the initial assessment completion date into the Clearinghouse database. Once the reassessment is complete, the SAP will then enter the drivers date eligible for return to duty testing into the Clearinghouse database.